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2022-2023 Sandridge 18 Hole Ladies League Dues

2022-2023 Sandridge Golf Club
18 Hole Ladies League
Key Dates
League Plays All Year, Official Season is October thru April
October 26, 2022                         Halloween Hot Ball Scramble
November 16, 2022                   Blind Nine Scramble
December 14, 2022                      Santa Ball Scramble
January 18, 2023                     Ladies Member/ Member & Luncheon
March 15, 2023                       Ladies Member/Guest & Luncheon
March 22& 29, 2023         Championship (36 Hole Aggregate Score)
April 26, 2023                        Final Day Shotgun, & Luncheon
· The weekly game will be listed on the genius website. Upon registering for the league, you will be added to the league roster on the website.
· Each week we will send out an email with a link to simply click to confirm or to decline for the following Wednesdays’ league play. You then have until Tuesday to add or subtract your name from the roster via email, phone, or pro shop visit. Tee times will then be posted to the website and another email prompt will be sent.
· Tee times will begin at 7:56 P.M. every Wednesday
· The league calendar will be posted to the league webpage as well as FAQ’s.
2022-2023 League Fee:  The $80.00 League Fee
Includes U.S.G.A. Handicap Club Membership,
Additional Prizes for scheduled monthly team events
& scheduled luncheon’s
Also, each week $4.00 will be collected for weekly prize payouts,
including Birdies & Chip-In’s